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Welcome to Yuldo.net!

Yuldo is the name of the utopian kingdom that appeared in the The Tale of Hong Kildong (Hong Kildong chon). It was described as an island somewhere south of the Korean peninsula. I thought that it would be an appropriate name for a virtual space on Korean studies that includes a number of Korean and Japanese references in addition to the standard collection of links in Western languages.

The information in this site focuses on my interests in Korean studies: literature, language, popular culture, and art and architecture. Links for comprehensive sites on Korean studies are given in the "General Korean Studies Links" section. Links that are mainly in Korean are noted with a (K) and those in Japanese with a (J). This page and the Korean and Japanese pages (under construction) are encoded in Unicode UFT-8. Please adjust your encoding accordingly.


Robert J. Fouser 

Kumamoto, Japan, December 8, 1999

General Korean Studies Links

Comprehensive Sites

International Scholarly Organizations and Conference Information

Libraries, Research Institutes, Research Services

Korean Search Engines and Mailing Lists

  • AltaVista (Korean version)
  • Fireball (search engine by Daum Communications) (K)
  • HanMir (search engine by Korea Telecom; includes online phonebook and search of websites in Japanese) (K)
  • Korean Studies List (active list on Korean studies and other Korean topics)
  • Naver (major search engine) (K)

Computer Information (Korean and Japanese fonts, etc.)


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